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XYdamage is an italian electronic music producer. He’s mostly known for his Melodic Dupstep and Glitch Hop tracks. His major influences are SeamlessR, Virtual Riot and Haywyre.
Details, XYdamage’s latest release, is a Glitch Hop track inspired by Haywyre and Trivecta’s styles.

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I produce both original tracks and remixes, here are examples of both:

Quantum [Remix]:


I produce my own videos on my YouTube channel
Details video:

Quantum [Remix] video:

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XYdamage is an Italian electronic music producer whose objective is to focus on the emotional and the aesthetic side of music regardless of the trends. He’s mostly known for his Melodic Dubstep and Glitch Hop tracks, although he has experimented with other genres as well. His sound design is influenced by artists like SeamlessR and Virtual Riot, and is entirely based on Soft Synths.
He started composing because of his fascination with Trance and Progressive House music. But soon after beginning he started exploring dubstep sound design. This has influenced his current style which often includes both a bass heavy drop and an euphoric melodic drop.
Details, XYdamage’s latest release, is a further development of his style, with heavy influence from Haywyre and Trivecta.